Zwei Männer, die in einem Café sitzen, arbeiten und sich amüsieren

Office of the future – how will we work in 2030?

Due to a pandemic, we have already recognized that we can do our work with the same quality in different places. However, the challenges of maintaining the level are manifold! Many do not want to miss out on everyday office life. Suddenly things are missing that one would not have consciously perceived as important. So what will the office of the future look like?READ MORE

Advantages of digital events over live events

Live events as we used to know them no longer take place since 2020 – but what are the advantages of digital events?

At first it was a big change for the entire event industry – especially concept agencies like the team nice :-).READ MORE

Bunte Glühbirnen

TOP Online Events 2020

The sales boosters 2020 were digital trends and opened up a number of new opportunities and potentials for event agencies. Anyone who has waited too long for a “back to normal” has missed the time. READ MORE

Virtuelle Messe

Recipe for the success of a virtual trade fair

For many, virtual trade fair may means anything but customer-oriented and emotionally communicative.

Virtual trade fairs may still be in an experimental phase and not yet on the way to replacing live trade fairs.

Or are they?READ MORE

Titelbild Skyscraper

Happy Skyscraper Day

For today’s “Skyscraper Day” we have listed the 10 tallest, but also most spectacular buildings in the world for you. Today we have the chance to honor the giants of the cities and get the opportunity to give a little consolation against the growing wanderlust.