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“Job done! – An insight into an online event

Over the past few months we have been helping one of our long-standing customers to organize their online event, which posed a number of challenges. It was very interesting for us too, as we have always been able to organize and accompany this event live over the past few years. We wanted to transfer the otherwise existing energy of the face-to-face events “on screen” at the online event

Our customer wanted….

… the implementation of an online event with the character of a “live” event. The recording should be recorded in advance in a studio and broadcast at the relevant time. It was important that it didn’t look like a TV show. We had to create the vision that the eye perceives something visually as if one were actually there.

… a uniform look – the speakers came from three different countries. However, there should be a layout with a coherent presentation. It gave the impression that all three were in the same studio.

… last but not least the security of the platform, so that only registered people can access the broadcast.


Said and done.

Using brainstorming, planning and organization, we found a way to create a tailor-made concept for all these requirements. The implementation then took place as follows:

  • We decided on two studios in two countries. So we were able to spare the speakers travel complications and quarantine problems. These were prepared after consultation with the same material, light and sound set-up. Out of love for detail and to rule out the smallest distinctions, we have equipped both studios completely identically.


  • Despite all the anticipation of a studio event, we naturally had to adhere to the hygiene rules and take special measures. Only in this way could we guarantee a safe working environment for the employees on site and the stakeholders. Here, too, the well-known mask requirement applied until you entered your own place. Instead of buffets, we created so-called “snack boxes” – individual catering without buffet problems. Which does not mean that the food was less tasty ? And last but not least, this includes disinfecting any surface as well as consistent hand disinfection on the disinfection stands provided.


  • These are all measures that we already know from other hybrid events. The cut was a little trickier. In order not to lose the live character, the search for optimal cuts turned out to be more difficult than normal. In the end, we and our technicians found suitable positions to be able to edit the videos as inconspicuously as possible afterwards.


online event


  • Another, not entirely unimportant point: the handling of the individual presentations. We decided on a software that made it possible for us to be able to show the Powerpoint presentation of the respective speakers in addition to the video transmission. In this way, the participants were able to see both the speaker and his / her presentation synchronously next to each other and follow what was being said well.


  • Security – As the broadcast took place in different time zones, we designed several landing pages. All registered persons were given their own login and password for conference access.


  • In order to give the online participants the best possible support, we were permanently available via Zoom during the conference with a service hotline. This ensured that one of our employees could help the participants with problems at any time. Why did we choose Zoom? Since it was an international event, Zoom provided the best option to offer “remote control” for the participants.


All in all, we were able to find a suitable answer for our customer with the implementation concept and were optimally prepared for all eventualities. And in this busy year for all of us we managed to transform an otherwise very popular and successful live event into a communicative online event. The result was not only a satisfied customer but also a constructive conference result.

Do you have any questions or would you like us to transform YOUR next live event into an exciting hybrid event and have it accompanied by our technical support?

Do not hesitate to contact us for an initial consultation – we look forward to your challenge!