La vie en rose – c`est la France!

The beret on the head, the baguette under the arm and walking along the Seine – this is the idyllic and romantic image that many have of the French and France. But are these clichés true?


Hotel Pool

Green Events – Does it work?

Sustainability – THE THEME which is strongly in focus in everyday life, but also becomes more and more important for so-called Green Events. The event industry sees itself as a pioneer in paying attention to its carbon footprint. After all, digitalization has been implemented at turbo speed in this industry.

Today we explain how large and small events can be made more sustainable and what to look out for.



Events in winter? How does that work?

When the temperatures drop, do events hibernate ?

Nope! Not at all! Especially in winter, when the days get shorter and the temperatures go down to zero, the inner inspiration needs some change to recharge the batteries!


The top 4 trends in the event industry

The year is slowly but surely drawing to a close. One more reason to scrutinise your portfolio and put your USPs to the test.
So we ask ourselves: What trends have developed in the event industry?