“Clear the stage for your products “

At the right time, in the right light and with everything that goes with it – this is how we make your product the topic and center of your event.

With a roadshow as a mobile presentation you bring the event to your guests. This increases the number of participants, allows a focused and intensive targeting and precise placement of your messages.To stage creative and target group-oriented roadshow concepts, our experts will help you with this. We realize mobile product presentations in connection with a creative target group address on site.As a full-service roadshow agency, we provide complete planning, organization and implementation of the entire roadshow.

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Offroad Roadshows

Offroad experience for up to 2,500 participants.

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Product Roadshows

Product presentations that stay in the memory.

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Truck Roadshows

With the show truck directly to your customer.

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Communication in the room

Experienced people create pop-up buildings.

From the idea to the event

Offroad Roadshows

The Profi Trophy is an off-road adventure program, possible for up to 2,500 participants at 8 locations in Germany. On the premises there are driving actions and team activities at the branded stations. In the specially built Outdoor Camp follows the winner’s party in the evening.

Communication in the room

Create virtual worlds or experience the product you can touch – both are possible with the temporary architecture of a pop-up building. With this medium, worlds of experience are created which, due to their time limitation, have a particularly lasting effect.

Truck Roadshows

You get close to the customers with a show truck that shows the complete product world on board. Technically sophisticated concepts offer the perfect opportunity to serve countless event locations.

Product Roadshows

Who says that product presentations have to be stiff? nice:-) finds the right location right across Germany! Such as. a furniture presentation on the catwalk with prominent presenters in front of a specialist audience.

Roadshow conception with nice:-) in six different places

The task was “how can we bring our new office concept closer to our trading partners?”

And in fact it was clear from the outset that this was only possible in the context of a Germany-wide roadshow.First, a title had to be found that could tell more about the new concept. The “City Live Show” was born!A particular challenge was now the actual product presentation, because one thing was clear: this should not take place in the context of an exhibition.Rather, the customer wanted to put his new products in the limelight and see them as stars on the red carpet.

Our suggestion was: we create a choreography on a catwalk and the new products are the stars on the catwalk.Together with a well-known choreographer, the steps were rehearsed with dancers, who supported the presentation in four different scenes.A prominent moderator, who also stands for the theme “style and elegance”, was found with Bruce Darnell. Together with a German presenter from the field of fashion and lifestyle, they formed the perfect duo for the catwalk performancegave the right setting with the new furniture products.To be very close to the guests, the catwalk ran so that the chairs could be built right and left and the central point – the respective product – was always staged directly in front of the participants.

Musically, they worked with selected and well-known songs, which appealed to everyone from the beat as well as the name recognition.For this kind of roadshow the perfect location was searched all over Germany, in six places they were found.

This allowed a total of 1,500 trading partners at six locations to be informed in detail about the new products and their special features.

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25 years

nice:-) has 25 years of experience in the conception, organization and execution of events.


When working with nice:-) you access our extensive experience and also our international network.

Ambassador of events

We are adventure ambassadors. Every event is planned, organized and carried out with passion and passion.

Fast process

We respond to your request within one day and create a first concept in one week.

nice:-) the event agency in Essen

Based in Essen, Germany, we have been on the market for over 25 years and rely on an international, international network. The owner-managed event agency specializes in organizing events, incentives, trade fairs, roadshows and team buildings, and supports you with an international team from brainstorming to comprehensive organization through to dedicated implementation.

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