Programmes, consultation,
events, trade fairs, conferences – Nice:-) 4.0

We will give you support for the planning and implementation of events by providing event strategists, communication experts, cultural academics, seasoned travellers and storytellers.


With a team which provides you with over 80 years of experience we can draw from a bountiful source of ideas and creativity. Whether it be a glamorous gala-party, a compelling presentation of a product, an impressive jubilee, a roadshow with lasting memories, the meticulous planning of a trade fair, stimulating kick-off meeting or eventful incentives – analog or digital…


We event designers from nice:-) are your advisers with attention to detail.






What you can expect from us:


When working with nice:-) you access our extensive experience but and also our international network.

Fast process

We respond to your request within one day and create a first concept in one week.

“Constancy Package”

Steady customer have the possibility to receive our „Constancy Package“ which allows you to access to further advantages.


We customize each event for you and your needs and make it fit your guests’ demands.


We are specialists, innovators and partners to bring about the implementation. And you will choose which of those services you require.


nice:-) offers you a modular construction system from which you pick your modules which are tailor-made to you.

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