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nice:-) goes YouTube

According to the saying: New situations require new measures; we are present with a YouTube channel now!

In these challenging times for everyone of us, it is our intention to show you how we work and stay at your side – at least virtually!

Completely clear is – the daily agency work has changed. By gaining confidence in solutions we are making a gradual emergence from theerstwhile paralysis of shock possible. Using the time we can’t spend on active projects now, which are postponed, we show you more on our YouTube channel about challenges and communication with our suppliers and partners.

Further on, we also want to tell our stories, share our experiences and pass on our knowledge.


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

You can find three new formats on our YouTube channel:

“Die Beratungsminute”

This is a minute for consulting. We give a short overview of a current topic in 60 seconds, which is concerning the event and communication industry. And we give an insight from our perspective by commenting the topic briefly and compactly.

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“Kaffee mit Karin”

Interview situation while taking a cup of coffee with the managing director Karin Wolniczak. Social distancing is required so the interview will be only with one person or it will be virtual. In this format we want to listen to stories from people who can tell stories. We involve experienced colleagues and interesting people and want to talk open about facts.

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“nice:-) Talk”

Take a Logo behind the scenes of our agency work! What are we currently working on, what is going on with our colleagues/ service providers, what’s new and what’s going on in the industry at the moment? So once in a month you can look forward to receive exciting insights into our everyday agency work.


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nice:-) does not only stand for “new incentive concepts & events”, nice:-) stands for “numerous experiences – cool ideas” and since the social experience has been reduced to a minimum at the moment, we would like to continue to entertain and inform you at least virtually.

Of course, we are very happy about suggestions or wishes, which topics we should bear in mind for our next videos. Send us your ideas!

And best of all, you should subscribe to our channel so that you don’t miss anything anymore!