Mykonos – hotspot or time-out for Greece fans?

When we think of Mykonos, what probably comes to mind, right next to the characteristic whitewashed houses with blue window frames, is the wild, very exclusive club life that rages there in the high season from June to September. Apart from that, however, the island is a real place of longing.

So if you like it a little quieter, come over Whitsun or in September.

Because from the end of October, when the autumn storms come, the island practically closes. But then the local boutique owners and 5* hoteliers have also done their business for the year ;-).

Therefore, our tip: September is the most beautiful time! When autumn slowly arrives here, you can still swim in the turquoise blue sea at a wonderful 26 degrees Celsius. Sametime, you never get tired of the most beautiful sunsets on balmy evenings!

Sunset on Mykonos

A white dream…

The island was a well-kept secret for years, until the yachts of high society, on their way to the ancient ruins of Delos, dropped anchor off Mykonos in the 1960s.
Probably the most beautiful beach on the island is Elia Beach. The golden sand stretches for kilometres along the crystal clear water. There mostly is also a high density of celebrities, who like all other sun worshippers find the perfect setting for a relaxing day on the beach. Water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing and jet skiing are also offered here.

The romantic Cycladic architecture was purposefully built as a labyrinth and served as protection from pirates and the omnipresent wind. However, this gives you clear blue skies on at least 300 days a year. Today, it likes to swallow its visitors once in a while. But there is so much to discover in the winding alleys of the town, which is more like a small city!
In addition to time-honoured handicrafts and picturesque tavernas for the Greek cuisine we know so well, there are also elegant designer boutiques and innovative gastronomy at a very high level. Here you can really let your soul dangle and watch the passing hustle and bustle of the other visitors. You can really slow down here!

Mykonos Town
Basically, Mykonos is more about understatement than ostentation.

The guests of the mostly noble hostels share a casual appearance with a well-filled wallet. This is also the case at Beach Club Scorpios, one of the island’s hotspots. Here, the queue at the entrance is still long even in low season, but you usually get past the doorman with a hint about your hotel. Once entered, you are treated not only to chilling DJ sounds but also to exquisite regional food.
The island’s most famous landmark is the famous windmills from the 16th century, which are perched on the headland above Mykonos Town. There is hardly an influencer who has not taken his or her “picture-of-the-day” here!

Windmills on Mykonos
One place on the island that leaves hardly anything to be desired is the hotel brand Myconian Collection.

A total of 11 hotels belong to it, which are all distributed in different locations. The Daktylides family has built the hotels on the island over decades and has always remained true to its style. No 4-storey hotel block, everything fits perfectly into the landscape. Despite the luxurious hotels, the hotel brand is still a family business and the four sons, who are responsible for different hotels, still stand in line at “their baby”, welcoming their individual guests. The secret of this success story is a symbiosis of history, loyalty and emotion, which is the strength of this family business. This you can feel at every point of these extraordinary accommodations with names like Utopia or Avaton.

We recently had the pleasure of staying at the Myconian Hotel Royal. It describes itself as a “royal blend of luxurious hospitality and casual island feel” which sums it up extremely well. The open architecture, which almost always offers a view of the sea, provides the backdrop for a perfect stay that leaves little to be desired in terms of service and well-being.

Hotel Lobby

Mykonos is definitely one of the must-see places for us! So when can we plan your event on this beautiful island?