Incentive on Mykonos – The trendy island of the Cyclades

Mykonos is unlike any other island in the Cyclades. It is hip, colourful and absolutely cosmopolitan. The motto: all in white – white houses with doors as blue as the sea.

When we stayed in the hotels of the Myconian Collection at inVoyage 2019, it was clear to us early on: we have to suggest this island as a destination! Because everything fits here just perfectly! And so, from 7 – 10 June, 140 people went on an incentive trip to the Aegean.

The group stayed at the Myconian Avaton, one of the 11 luxury hotels in the Myconian Collection.

The family-run Myconian, founded in 1979 by George and Elefteria Daktylides, is now run by their four sons Panos, Markos, Vangelis and Marios.

The family-run Mykonian company, founded in 1979 by George and Elefteria Daktylides, is today managed by their four sons Panos, Markos, Vangelis and Marios.
The standard is high, which is also reflected in the categorisation of the hotels. Among the 11 hotels, there are three Relais & ChĂąteaux houses, two “Leading Hotels of the World”, two “Design Hotels”, two “Preferred Hotels & Resorts” and one “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”. At the same time, each hotel retains its own unmistakable personality, as if you were always immersed in a different world.

The Avaton Hotel impresses with iconic classics as well as custom-made furniture in a modern design.Its owner has everything custom-made by a Greek interior designer! All rooms have sea views, balconies of course, and many also have a Jacuzzi or private pool. Our client booked the entire hotel – a so-called buy-out. This is particularly charming for incentives, the group has the hotel completely to itself and enjoys outstanding exclusivity and privacy. Of course, this requires early planning, but it’s worth it! We are happy to recommend a buy-out for groups above a certain size. Both in the planning process and in the design, this brings many freedoms and advantages. The hotel can be generously branded, right down to the cushion with the company logo on the pool loungers.

The event opened with a pool party with many technical effects. The company logo was impressively projected onto the opposite rock wall. In the pool itself, countless lights glittered like sparklers. Around food stations and show cooking, the participants enjoyed a perfect first evening as a prelude to a long-awaited incentive!


The morning beckoned with a delicious breakfast including a sea view and the first rays of sunshine, before the group took the hotel shuttles to Elia Beach shortly afterwards.

Here, two appropriately sized motor sailers were already waiting, scheduled for a group activity. Large vessels tend not to be present on Mykonos, unless you are the owner of a fancy yacht. So it was a particular challenge to find two appropriately sized boats on the island that were available for this programme item. Networks, as always in life, are everything and we managed to find boat and crew. Cold drinks, cool beats and time to exchange on board were the main focus for the next 3 hours.

Usually, people on Mykonos meet for lunch in one of the trendy beach clubs. We chose the Kalua Beachclub in the bay of Paraga. Here you can simply go for a boat ride and the beach is reserved for the club’s guests.

The equivalent of the beach is the city, and this is particularly unique on Mykonos. The government stipulates that all houses must have white walls and blue or red doors and windows. Good for visitors, because the image you get when entering the capital “Chora” is picturesque. Amidst the many boho shops and small bars, you will find countless charming restaurants with beautifully decorated courtyards or facades hidden by bougainvillea flowers.



The third day is popular as a day with many options – choose what you want!

There is the jeep tour through the mountains and villages of Mykonos, up to Faros Armenstis – the lighthouse at the northernmost point of the island from where you have an impressive view across the Aegean to the neighbouring island of Tinos!

Or you can choose the typical Greek cooking experience on a farm in the interior. Among goats, chickens, donkeys and horses, you will find the piece of peace and contentment that many dream of in everyday life.Besides, you also learn how a classic tzaziki is actually made! And home-cooked food tastes twice as good as ordered 😉

For all those who hadn’t had enough of “Sky, Sand and Sea” the day before, comfortable beach loungers were waiting at Kuzina Beachclub on the famous Ornos Beach. Chilling DJ beats combined with the relaxing sound of the waves offer sunbathing deluxe.

Jeep Safari

And speaking of highlights….

…as we all know, the best always comes at the end – a fancy final evening!

With our client, this is always an event in itself, as it is here that the awards are presented to all participants. Over the past year, they have qualified for the trip in a competition through their dedicated efforts and this naturally deserves an appropriate award ceremony. The perfect stage for such an evening is provided by another house in the Myconian Collection, the Royal Myconian. The interior designer had the image of a theatre with its backdrop in mind. And so the décor fits perfectly for an evening with a stage and show programme.

The set-up was as special as the location itself: On white tablecloths, the table numbers shone in LEDs, combined with matching LED balloons.Perfectly combined with the CI colour, which corresponds to the colour of Greece!
As a little gimmick, each guest found a shell with a golden number. So at the shell bingo there were prizes to be won in addition to the honours.


After the party is before the party

After-show parties are legendary. The music is the outstanding and most important element. The last bottle of champagne was raffled, the last course eaten and the Dancing Queens were ready on stage. This was the starting signal for our star DJ, who took over the evening musically. As the resident DJ of Ibiza’s Pasha, this was a guarantee of the right feel for the music selection.


Reflecting on how the months of planning worked out in the end. How all the interfaces came together. How the feedback from the participants was.

Yes, then we are simply grateful for clients like this one, who recognise that only teamwork creates dreamwork. That a togetherness of all people working on an event creates great experiences.
And that’s exactly what events, especially incentive trips, are for: To create experiences! To develop emotions. To create memories.

Once again we have seen how important it is to be on the same wavelength and to work hand in hand. We would like to thank our client, who has been loyal to us for more than 10 years now, for their trust and the great teamwork at every event!
See you next year in…?


And if you now really feel like saying “thank you” to your employees with a first-class incentive trip for outstanding work, for special loyalty or for exceptional commitment, then simply contact us at or pick up the phone on +49 2054 87 55 90 and we will work with you to develop something truly extraordinary!