Hygiene concept – this is how it works!

Live events are not allowed to take place since March this year. You could also say they are not longer allowed to take place the way we know them. For the implementation of a live event you need a hygiene concept in order not to risk the safety and health of your guests, your speakers and artists as well as your own.

With such a hygiene concept, there are of course many factors to consider.

As a following matter of the experiment, which took place on August 22nd in Halle (Saale), we would like to give you helpful tips on how you can implement your event with a hygiene concept despite the current situation without having to switch to digital events.


Starting with the selection of the right location.

It must be ensured that the location offers enough space for your number of participants or that the number of participants is reduced accordingly so that the distance regulation of at least 1.5 meters can be kept.

The room in which the event takes place ideally has several entrances and exits so that you can implement a “one-way concept”. This means that you have separate entrances and exits to the hall. There should also be enough space for check-in so that the distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained there as well. This can best be guaranteed with markings on the floor.

Close interaction with and amongst the participants should / must be avoided.

So that is it for the distance regulation.

Hygiene measures

Another important aspect are the hygiene measures. It is necessary that you pay attention to the various aspects such as room-, personal- and surface hygiene.

Hand sanitizer dispensers should be available for the number of guests in the entire location, as well as sufficient soap and hand cream in the sanitary facilities.

Ideally, have mouth and nose protection ready for your participants. The masks are also ideal for branding. So it is the new giveaway when only 50% of the faces can be seen. Disposable gloves can also be provided.

Last but not least, the location should have a good ventilation system with which you can ensure that the room is constantly supplied with fresh air. There are already providers who are specialized in equipping rooms with a corresponding “upgrade” for events. Under these conditions, the air gains a quality that cannot be achieved in an urban location that can offer an outdoor area. In this respect one should not save money on this technology!

The staff who looks after you and your guests on site should wear mouth and nose protection at all times and avoid physical contact with the guests as much as possible. And of course, sufficient cleaning staff must be provided, who guarantee the shortest possible cleaning cycle through ongoing quality control.

When you have planned all these measures, your event can take place!


In the best case scenario, both your guests and your staff and everyone involved will arrive at the location by car, because there the risk of infection is much lower than on public transport.

If there are participation fees for your event, the guests should already pay them in advance in order to avoid unnecessary procedures at the hospitality desk. However, if this is not possible, you should encourage your participants to pay cashless if possible. Therefore, a technical device for the payment methods must be considered.

A big advantage of corporate events is the fact that you have received all participant data in advance. You must keep these for at least 3-4 weeks for a possible follow-up. In addition to this recording of the data, guests can also be equipped with a tracker that they carry with them during the event. This device uses color signals to indicate when participants come too close during the event.

Let’s not fool ourselves, all of this is of course a feeling like in the novel by George Orwell. However, little things make the difference and they can be implemented to maintain a hygiene concept which is not negative for the success of your event. After all, many months have passed with video meetings, so a large number of people will be happy to experience a live event again!


And since the success of every event is also associated with good food, a common meal  or a communicative coffee break must not be missed. Preferably, everything takes place outdoors, as long as the weather and the location permits. Especially since you always like to change location and leave the meeting room after a certain time. The following also applies outdoors: the distance regulations must be observed. Our experience shows that it is often much easier to implement it outside. A few months ago we already have shown ideas in our blog on how to implement these “green meetings” as best as possible.

Even if we live in a world where there is more and more rubbish and everyone is very sensitive about unpackaged food until spring this year. Now everything is different and only packaged and already portioned food should be served during coffee breaks. Together with various caterers, we have created innovative concepts in which you can still avoid the mountains of plastic that are just piling up again. And since sustainability and authenticity always play a very important role, especially this year, we recommend paying attention to them. The participants definitely notice how hygiene rules are implemented when eating and also evaluate this. Meals that have been prepared accordingly can then also be taken from the buffet by the guest himself. Which in turn keeps the personnel costs for catering within limits.

With all these points, your event can be a complete success even now, which your guests will fondly remember. Especially now, when there are hardly any live events and one is particularly happy about invitations to “real” events.

So that your guests feel comfortable by accepting your invitation, we recommend a booklet about the hygiene rules taken into account. Send a guide to the hygiene rules to those involved in the run-up to the event; it is best if this is part of the invitation.

Hygiene guidelines

And on site, it should be clearly visible in all accessible places in the location. To make your internal planning easier, you will find a template for the hygiene guidelines here, which you can send to your guests and which you can set up on site as a stand. We have also summarized the points described above here, which you as the organizer must pay attention to, in a short checklist.

As professionals for events who have been making customers happy with their guests for more than 25 years, you are welcome to ask us if you are unsure at any point whether your planned event is in compliance with the rules. In our agency you will find licensed hygiene officers who have learned everything about the new hygienic demands in a workshop.

Last week we were at a live event for the first time in a long time, where the hygiene measures were implemented perfectly. The maxi mice think tank took place for the first time as a hybrid event this year and it was a complete success. We met the founder Markus Lüthge in Düsseldorf to talk to him about his experiences and to pick up a few helpful tips. So if you are interested in a best practice example, you can now find the entire conversation on our YouTube channel.

And now? Just do it 😉