Digital journey!

Why Essen is a multifaceted event destination despite social distancing Digital or analog – everything is possible with us!

In search of the perfect event locations in the Ruhr area, we went on a digital journey through Essen last week and virtually took you with us.

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Our goal:

to present our beautiful city and show that you can experience a destination without physical travel.

We got the idea from the DMC GOALEVENTS that organized a virtual Fam Trip to Riga. Our “youngsters” Friederike and Clara participated and had a lot of fun. They immediately started to plan the implementation of the virtual Fam Trip through Essen!


This included the selection of event locations that we want to show in the video, writing the script, learning texts, preparing the camera and sound equipment, organizing the day of the shoot … – a whole series of tasks that otherwise have to be dealt with in the implementation of analog events. After a time in which we often only sat in front of the computer in our home office, it was a welcomed change!


And then the day of shooting had come. On July 7th, 2020 we started our discovery journey through Essen.

First stop: Zeche Zollverein.

You don’t have to explain the UNESCO World Heritage. Now days there are so many exciting locations! Martin, the manager of the Casino, explains the advantages of his event hall in a 3-minute turn. We can only confirm that there are a lot of possibilities for an event on Zollverein! In a next scene, Romain provides facts about the coal mine and the site. Due to the wind, he rejoices in a particularly “streamlined” hairstyle 😉


And then we went on to a location where you can plan a green meeting. At the roof terrace of the Atlantic congress hotel right at the Gruga Park and the exhibition hall you can have an open air meeting with an excellent view over the city.


Unfortunately the sun disappeared at that moment and a few raindrops came when we wanted to show the green surroundings on the roof. Too bad – especially since the set-up really shows exactly what you can organize here: conference in the fresh air with distance!


Seaside Beach

Despite the weather, we stuck to our shooting schedule, which also took us to the picturesque Baldeney lake and thus to Seaside Beach. On Seaside Beach you can find numerous event options and almost feel like you are at the Mediterranean Sea. The lake lays directly at the sandy beach and is now even open for swimming! Unfortunately, the Smag Festival could not take place this year at the lake, which had been an inherent part among summer festivals with well-known bands and DJs in previous years.

What should not be missing on a journey through Essen?

It is the specialty of the Ruhr area: the “Büdchen”. “Anne Bude”, as it is so beautifully called in the dialect, is the winged word for: “here I find everything I need”. Because that’s what the drinking halls stand for, as the jargon actually says. For people and humanity, for direct communication and for neighborhood. It is rather rare that a saxophone player is added to a scene. We invited him to the shoot because Joel is one of our favorite musicians – we love working with him at company events, dinners and all other kinds of events. He is a professional through and through with a wide range of possible uses. We also would have liked to show you the largest film palace in Germany Lichtburg, where most film premieres take place. Unfortunately, it did not fit into our shooting schedule. A visit is worthwhile in any case, because the atmosphere is something very special due to the 60s atmosphere of the classic movie theater equipment of this time!

GOP – a Variéte Theater

But we definitely want to show you the GOP – a Variéte Theater, which is currently preparing perfectly for its guests. Because from July 30th, 2020 the theater opens its doors again and guests can enjoy the spectacular show acts at the performances. This location can also be bookes exclusively for your company event – hybrid or analog.  We hope you succumb to the charm of our video and you don’t notice the little bumblers in the scenes. The film is as authentic as our agency – and like the Ruhr area! Honest and direct.

Open and open-hearted. Filmed with love for our city.Take a look at the result on our YouTube channel and leave us a “Like” 😉

Enjoy your journey through our city!