Developing Perspectives 2020″ – that was the headline in our internal kick-off meeting 2016.

Where do we want to go? Where are we now? What paths do we need to pursue in order to reach the goal…

Only a summary of the questions we have dealt with for one day.




For the whole team went to the Unperfekthaus in the center of Essen. Ludger Garte – an economic educator and business consultant helped us with advice and action. In the first place the strengths and development fields of the agency shouldbe worked out, objectives for the development of perspectives formulated and concrete fields of action defined for the coming months. Through stimulating questions, creative team tasks and supporting instructions we succeeded in a brilliant start into a surely successful business year!Now the head is full of new ideas with a fat package of motivation !!

2016 we come – Sapere aude – dare to think !!!

nice:-) Workshop …