Crisis in North Africa? Events that are canceled or rebooked?

The region around Morocco and Tunisia is currently not to mention Egypt for some German companies to the „no go area“ has become. Of course no one would like to bring a well considered and positioned marketing message with troublespots in connection. And even less with the theme, what drives Germany for many months now, splits and may significantly change on long future.

Nevertheless, we have tackled it and are flown to Marrakech with a small group.
And when you reach the city, you will notice that hardly anything has changed.
Only the tourists have become fewer and in contrast the hotel dreams from 1001 night even more numerous.

In that hotel dream, we were allowed to spend 3 days and we have a picture of the Marrakech of the year 2016.
We noted: as the cityscape like a Fata Morgana against a backdrop of the snow-capped Oldread mountains stretches.


Looking after the latest locations and the still undiscovered corners of this magical city, we were on the way.
Past picturesque spice markets with subsequent sunset sightseeing tour, up to the brilliant finale of the evening in trend restaurant „Bo-Zin“ – a mix of Thai, French and Moroccan cuisine. A treat for the taste buds.

A highlight is the hot-air balloon ride at dawn at the foot of the Atlas mountains. A must for every nature lover because it provides a combination of colours of a special kind, getting up early for.

nice:-) returns with many impressions and is convinced that Marrakech is a tourist destination, which offers still fantastic experiences!