Communicating values and employee motivation

Communicating values and employee motivation – how digitalization is changing our collaboration

Virtual teams are a major challenge in all industries. All team members sit at different locations and often work on joint projects at different times.Normally media such as e-mail, telephone or video conferences are still used for communication. Even if there are various platforms that make joint and even parallel project work possible. We have already discussed the advantages of this type of work in our blog on the office of the future. But the changeover also brings some challenges in terms of communicating values and employee motivation.

Digitalization changes a lot and calls on companies to act. Adaptation to the digital environment is essential for survival!

This can only be achieved with the right know-how and digital skills among employees. Well-established processes have to be reconsidered and reinvented. Especially when it comes to managing employees. Grant the employees decision-making authority . They are often much closer to the point than the supervisor thinks. Only then they will act independently in situations that require a quick response. In return, this competence must be anchored in the understanding of the employees.


Communicating values and employee motivation

What opportunities and challenges does digitalization create when working together?



The boundaries between different company locations are blurring in the digital world of work. Documents can be edited collaboratively. Even if the employees are thousands of kilometers apart. There are some decisions taht have to be obtained from several responsible persons. You therefore save cumbersome communication channels with digital project work. An electronic file enables quick and location independent access. Work processes in which several people are involved can be shortened.

The advantages for both sides add up here! Employees can say goodbye to fixed working hours and congestion intensive commuter journeys. The company can optimize its often costly space situation. This reduces stress for employees and enables them to work much more productively.





Digitalization also brings some challenges. Increasing remote work requires more data protection and IT security. Because you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. And that’s why it’s not just companies that keep upgrading. Because data hackers see new potential.

So companies have to invest in the necessary hardware and software. And logically it is not about isolated solutions. It is about networked standardization, integrated into your own IT architecture. AV planners and integrators will have to deal more intensively with some questions. For example in terms of software integration and the intuitive use of media technology that is as standardized as possible. The collaboration with the IT departments will therefore become more intensive for the AV system integrator in the future.

And finally, you mustn’t forget that a company is only as good as its employees. Therefore you have to pay special attention to their training. For the turnaround in the world of work, trained specialists are required who have expanded competencies and skills.


Communicating values and employee motivation

How can communicating values and employee motivation persist in our collaboration as digitalization progresses?

Superiors who are empathic and at the same time innovative have the best cards right now. Diversity in work is not just a word. It is exactly what the working environment of the future will be like! So the following applies: the more diversified you are, the better. This also means that the requirements for a workplace in an office environment are becoming more and more extensive. The base is a common understanding of the system for designing professional learning. Digital collaboration can only succeed if the requirements for it are in place at all levels and the necessary trust prevails.

Interesting sidestep: Event agencies have been planning flexibly for years and are ahead of their time in many aspects. Innovative concepts have always had to be developed that create the necessary wow effect. Agencies have always worked with the appropriate freelancers who are specialists for the respective customer requirements. Event agencies know the demands that are now becoming standard in the new world of work from their work.

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