Artificial intelligence – the new event managers?

A machine that tries to imitate human abilities such as logical thinking and planning – that is artificial intelligence. But can such a machine also plan, organise and execute a great, memorable anniversary for 500 employees?


Artificial intelligence has been steadily researched and worked with since 1955. In the meantime, it can take over activities that would be rather difficult for us normal humans. Like the accurate recognition of mixed dog breeds in percentages or the spontaneous composition of a birthday song. Such tasks can be completed within minutes by a so-called chatbot such as ChatGPT, which was published in November 2022.

It has been trained with a broad knowledge and more than 300 billion words through human help. The bot is dialogue-based and offers a chat function in which the user can ask all his questions and concerns. To answer them, the bot draws exclusively on its acquired knowledge from past conversations, experiences and technological data, facts and figures.

Chat GPT


Another novelty are the small robots that move on wheels. At events, they are considered absolute eye-catchers and take over tasks in the service area. Companies like Robshare even rent out robots like Pepper. To project a humane and non-scary image, these robots have been equipped with gesture sensors and infrared sensors to maintain eye contact.


What do you need event managers for, an artificial intelligence can do that too!?

Well, theoretically, the artificial intelligence could certainly create a well-calculated and precise budget plan or write an accurate schedule, but practically, this would hardly lead to maximum customer satisfaction.

Events are filled with inspiration and positive energy, something that is made by people for people, no metallic robot can keep up with that. Above all, events live from interpersonal interaction, whether it’s about planning, conflict resolution or spontaneous changes – all of this needs the attentive, lasting and authentic, cheerful support of the event manager.

We at nice :- ) have a credo that we have deeply internalised in all our events – our agency DNA. It is based on authenticity, inspiration, unusualness and uniqueness.
And uniqueness cannot be stored on a hard drive.