What events that are supposed to arouse emotions are really about!

It is nothing new to create an incentive and the desire for strong customer loyalty.

The agency industry, which is dedicated to the topic of events and incentives, has been booming for many years.

Many new terms were invented for this: 360 degree communication, communication in space, creating brand worlds, hybrid events….

The list is endless. And yet, in the end, an event remains an experience that aims to convey a message.



No matter whether the target group includes customers, employees or suppliers.

Nowadays the task of an event agency is to convey such a message in different ways.

This is where the chaff separates from the wheat, because several agencies do not have sufficient experience or an adequate network,

which enables you to find the perfect solution out of all the possibilities.

This is not about locations and logistics, this is about outstanding ideas. Solutions and the development of real concepts!

The best event agency is the one who listens carefully and then develops a suitable solution together with your customer.



Not only suitable for the task at hand, but also suitable for the given budget.

How often does it happen that a sustainable concept with a gripping story was developed, which offers space for the desired interaction and discussions with the target group, but this no longer plays a role in the next phase and the development and implementation of the event to a pure budget -Topic will.

And this is exactly where a reputable event agency comes in to advise you. She prefers to refrain from realizing a project if the concept no longer exists holistically or is not feasible due to the lack of a suitable budget. Quality always has its price and an investment in quality pays off.

Disappointments often arise on the part of the participants or the customer when only budgets are the yardstick for the content of an event.



And true to the motto, better not an event than a half-hearted event, you should prefer to shelve projects.

Or maybe postpone a year if budget planning is a little more relaxed.

This is the most important decision that an event planner has to make when it comes to implementing a previously adopted concept.

Because if topics such as storytelling and target group-oriented planning are taken into account, nothing looks more sustainable than a shared experience during an incentive trip or an event!

Thrilling emotions and positive memories still influence employees or customers more than financial bonuses or letters of approval.

And the place where you meet has become more important than ever in the digital age.

An email or video conference may be able to convey information, but direct communication is more than important for success with employees and long-term customer loyalty.

And that’s why you can only win with events or incentives.

With the right agency that listens.

You can find this experience and much more at the adventure ambassadors of nice:-). Let’s rock the next decade!