We offer help with the rescheduling of your event!

Two weeks ago you planned to hold your event. Everything was planned.

The situation is tense, but not hopeless. It all worked out, you thought, you were sure that the situation would improve.

Your event is not affected, but then came the day the first attendees canceled your attendance. With the increased measures taken by governments, we are now at a point where we no longer know: how long will it take? May my event take place at all? Should we rather postpone? How should we communicate with the participants? What are my rights in this situation? What can a cancellation cost?

Many questions about questions, information needs combined with consequences that have to be dealt with in addition to the “normal” activities such as marketing plans, reporting and video conferences in the already tense situation – and which you have to clarify.

That seems a lot and hardly manageable. But there is always a solution.

We have the answers to the most important questions:

May my event take place? For this we need some key data & information about your planned event from you in order to be able to provide you with correct information.

Should I rather postpone or cancel? Of course, this is always your decision,which certainly depends on certain parameters. We would be happy to clarify which ones could be.

What are my rights in this situation? Here comes the difficult part, becausedepending on where, when and under what conditions you have planned your event, different answers apply. If I postpone, how do we integrate the eventinto the other, already defined marketing topics?

We can also offer you a solution for this.

Use our event experts as your external colleague, with whom all the threads come together and who takes care of everything.

We will be happy to advise you

and look forward to your call – 0049-2054 87 55 90