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Think pink! Pink lakes are not only found in fairy tales!

In keeping with the Carnival Monday, there is a blog with motley colors.

Blue sky, responsible sandy beach and … pink water? It really does exist!

And how does the fairytale color come about and where can you find this natural spectacle?

Team nice:-) has started looking.

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Even if the inauthentic, the seen in personal art. The water in the pink glowing weights is usually very salty. If it evaporates, the concentration of the microorganisms mentioned in them, such as Dunaliella algae or brine shrimp, is very important. This is why it is important that it is not the water of the lake, but also your color when eaten, the plumage of flamingos or the shell crusts from the shrimp, crayfish or crayfish.

The intensification of color is the largest part of the weather and the incidence of light. That means that the color of these true seeing can range from orange to pink,  to red, from dark to hell.

There are some bright pink waters around the world. At least eight million bodies of water on almost every continent are known. We have seen a single list of the most well-known and seen sights in the world.

The well-known Seen Loungers in Australia include the 600-meter Lake Hillier, the Pink Lake, the Hutt Lagoon and the Pink Lake of Quairading

In Mexico (Pink Lagoon Las Colaradas), Canada (Dusty Rose Lake), Azerbaijan (Masazirgol Lake), in Senegal (Retba Lake) and in Bolivia (Laguna Colorada) you can see the pink eyes. Each of you has its own peculiarity and conjures up astonishment in your face!

If you don’t want to travel that far, you’ll also find it in Europe. The single western European pink lake is located in Spain, not far from Alicante – and is called Salinas de Torrevieja. It will take care that the rights to see alone have positive positive effects for the guidelines and health.

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Also the right highlight for your future colorful incentive trip! Off to Alicante under the motto “Think pink, think colorful”.

Let yourself be inspired by the repairs put together by our incentive team! For your interests we are as close as your phone – that’s nice:-)

Foto Credit: Tourism Australia