The power of trade fairs – Worthwhile for companies

Hybrid, digital or still live? In recent years, trade fairs have evolved to serve as one of the main venues for sales and acquisition each year.

The German government’s trade fair program for SMEs supports individual participations at more than 60 selected trade fairs with a grant of up to 12,500 euros!

Why trade fairs are an essential reference point for companies – including important tips to keep in mind for your own trade fair – today with us in the blog!

Be the “Talk of Town”

A trade fair offers various opportunities to get to know your own customers on a personal level. Individual companies can not only exchange ideas with each other but may even be inspired to come up with new ideas. Thus the “barrier”, which is otherwise created by a huge TV screen or computer monitors, is broken down and the customer can interact with the company live. From the company’s point of view, participation in a trade fair should be seen as a long-term investment, especially in the area of customer acquisition. The network that is created at a trade fair, whether B2C or B2B, is essential for the future in terms of the company’s business relationships.

Which trade fair suits my company?

Whether leisure, sports, travel or technology – there are now trade fairs for almost every subject area. In addition, industry-specific trade fairs can bring companies together, which then jointly develop visions for future cooperation or encourage each other to change perspectives and thus promote product innovation.

Real contact between customers and companies also enables an exchange on a higher level, which helps to understand the individual needs of their target group even better.

Basically, there are two types of trade fairs:

The large public trade fair, where a large number of potential buyers can be reached and the crowd primarily leads to exchange
The relevant trade fair, which in turn exclusively addresses knowledgeable interested parties and is therefore much more specifically structured.

Private Fair

But how does a trade show work in a pandemic?

In 2020, more than 70 percent of planned trade shows in Germany had to be canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. However, this not only has direct consequences for organizers, exhibitors and visitors, but moreover draws other serious consequences that affect the entire economy. Among others, the hotel industry, gastronomy, transport, trade and many others are indirectly affected. Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, the damage amounts to 46.2 billion euros.

At the moment it is not possible to realize the otherwise planned fairs in all federal states. In some they are banned altogether and in other federal states there is a limited number of participants. Here it is particularly important that with live events the new and valid hygiene and/or distance regulations are considered!

Our tips for a successful trade fair stand:

  1. The first impression counts! So your booth needs to appeal to visitors visually, and in a world of digitalization, this is often done through visual effects, such as 3D animations.
  2. Tell a story with your booth: What do you want to tell your visitors? What do you want to inspire? What is the reason for your trade show appearance? Only through well thought-out and honest storytelling will you manage to create a lasting link with your visitors. The entire concept should be based on this, so that the idea is reflected in all points and makes the appearance a unity.
  3. Simply dropping by is not enough… You should bind your visitors to your stand at least temporarily and this usually does not work via information brochures. More effective are activities that require visitors to interact with the booth or its information. In this way, you can directly involve potential customers and convey values in a playful way.
  4. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – as the saying goes. It’s the same at trade shows! Since this trick is used by many companies again and again with pleasure, however, you should spice up your food activity about. How about branded cupcakes? Or specialties tailored to the storytelling? Be creative and above all: try something new!
  5. Especially in the current pandemic situation, pay attention to the applicable hygiene and distance rules. The stand should be set up in such a way that the distance can be guaranteed even when there are large numbers of customers.
  6. Ask yourself what resources you have available and plan a sufficient budget.
  7. Keyword sustainability: How important is sustainability to you? What do you want to pay attention to as a company and how should it be reflected in your stand. Here, also consider the materials for the booth itself, as these often diminish the degree of the sustainable aspect… Feel free to check out our last blog post on this!
  8. Rules and Guidelines: Take a close look at the applicable data protection regulation, as well as fire safety and security guidelines. What are the requirements for your booth? This step should be clarified in advance to avoid possible violations or having to make costly rescheduling.


Let’s Chat! Communication as the key to success

Now that you have decided on a concept, it is a matter of implementing it at the stand. To do this, well-known personalities are increasingly being used as brand ambassadors. Influencers or celebrities are often used here, as they act as a link to the audience. Whether in a classic interview situation on a stage or more passively, just by being present. In consultation with the peron, targeted shows and appearances can be organized.

Would you like a little more?

Then we can plan your own, completely private trade fair. Here you can exchange ideas and present new ideas exclusively with your customers, employees or company partners. A clear advantage: You decide on the time frame, location and program and thus give the trade fair a very personal charm.

In the last 30 years of our agency’s history, we have already realized many different trade fair (stands) and know exactly what is important in conception, planning and implementation. Would you like to give your trade fair presentation a boost? Then simply contact us and together we will find a model tailored to your company!