The perfect planning for a successful event.

And today we ask the question: are you still planning or are you already planning?

Which criteria are decisive for agency selection in the event industry?

Detailed planning is not for everyone. Many prefer to decide spontaneously. Spontaneity is often helpful, but when it comes to a coherent to develop a concept for an event with the aim of

ataging is a holistic brand experience, a good plan is mandatory!

For this good reason, professional event agencies have already have long since found their firm place in live communication. About a third of companies in Germany take according to a survey

for the implementation of events professional help from agencies to complete.

It is still common today, with larger budgets the post a job. A perfect briefing with the aim of the event, location, time & budget and the requirements of the participants helps to ensure that the participating agencies can offer a perfect fit. And finally, you decide on the concept that leads to the best possible solution for the target group and the task.

But how does one decide on an agency at all? Which Agency suits which company? And what criteria are decisive for the selection of the agency?

The current “Revier Manager” 03/18 – lists as three main

The following points (Source: Famab Research):

– Reliability

–    Professional competence

– Creativity of ideas

Although probably every agency claims to be exactly that to be able to fulfill criteria, the references and resistance on the market plays a big role.

nice:-) has been a professional Event & Incentive Agency for over 25 years in the industry. The listed criteria, which are evidently most important to the client when selecting the agency

represent not only duty for us, but are also reflected in our projects again.

From the glamorous gala party, over effective product presentations, authentic anniversaries, thrilling roadshows, accurate trade fair planning, motivational kick-off meetings or

worldwide incentive organization with the right network – the agency is nice:-) a partner with great attention to detail.

The development of sustainable events, successful incentives under consideration of the communication goals and the realization of the still such an extraordinary idea is our daily business.


Our claim is not only reliable, competent and creative.

We want to cerate experiences and very special memories. Therefore, we can only advise: Search for an agency that makes you feel good. And then it is called – let plan.

Best with nice:-) Events that inspire!