The Drive-Thru Exhibition

Digital events as an alternative solution don’t replace the direct contact between people during sales conversations.

Digital events are currently the big issue. However, we have considered that direct contact is irreplaceable during a sales conversation. For this reason, we have developed an alternative concept for analogue events:

The Drive-Thru Exhibition

You have already planned your trade fair and now you don’t know how to implement it?

Cause of contact restrictions, hygiene concepts and other restrictions due to COVID-19, it seems to be impossible to realize your planned trade fair right now?

We do have the perfect solution for your company!

You wonder how it works?

Very simple, your exhibitors can present their pieces or fabrics as usual, but the customers don’t come by foot. The visitors drive up to the booth with their own car. This gives your exhibitors the opportunity to conduct a direct but contactless sales conversation.  And of course it is possible to have a look at a number of exhibitors or have personal meetings with the sales people at the booths.

And yes, catering is also provided at our drive-thru trade fair.  You find the food station at a separate area. Your guests as well as your exhibitors can provide themselves with food and drinks without any risk.


Our security staff always pays attention to your safety and compliance with the road regulations. The security staff also supports the smooth running of the event.

Why should you choose our drive-thru exhibition?

What are your advantages?


– Sell to your customers personally and on site

– Individual park-in exhibition places for the presentation of your

– Uncomplicated and fast for all participants

– Lower no show rate than at digital fairs

– Less costs – more turnover thru optimized customer contacts

– A format that is safe for everyone


Are you interested? Give us a call and we will work out a concept for your customized drive-thru exhibition this year!