Ziele 2017

Whats new – blog update…

2017 is already three months old and lately there was some silence on our blog.

We used the time well, because our upcoming projects demanded our complete attention!

Directly in the first days of the year we went back to the International Vierschanzentournee in Bischofshofen. An event which we are now allowed to host in the 18th year.


And shortly thereafter a meeting in the mountains followed with ski races and various activities in the snow for one of our longtime customers in the automotive industry.

A project team is currently working on the fine tuning of the technology & furniture assembly for a stand at IdeenExpo in Hanover, while other colleagues are looking after an employee event for an international pharmaceutical company event in Berlin.

In addition, we are able to assemble an off-road driving experience in the Scottish highlands for the customer magazine of a British car, and are currently launching research and communication for a national congress on “Telematics”, which also involves various key note speakers.

We are also planning the tours of our customers from France, which we have been looking after for several years. Especially for this market we have

French-speaking colleagues in our team who are currently working on different topics.

The year 2017 is, like many years, also one of the round anniversaries. So run at nice:-) just some conceptual preparations for different jubilee events at home and abroad.

Conclusion: All teams are very busy, so we decided to reactivate our blog once a month and have news about it nice:-) and important from the industry.

We are looking forward to many new projects and are motivated for the spring!

If you need some help for organizing you event you can contact us or get some useful tips from all the other blog posts on our website.

Keep you updated ….