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See the good in everything – why positive messages are so important to us!

Where is the positive messages we need?

When you open the newspaper, turn on the radio or television, open your internet browser or pass the time on social networks: the bad news lurks everywhere. There is 17 negative messages for every good news. You’d think everything was better in the past? Not even close.

A lot of good things happen every day, but they are often lost in the media tidal wave of bad news. True to the motto: “Only bad news are good news”, bad news dominates our everyday life today and we are confronted with crises, dangers and problems around the clock.

What does this mean for us? Bad news has been shown to affect our well-being and cause permanent physical stress, worsen our mood and have a negative impact on mental health.

The fact is that we read good messages far too rarely. We therefore want to introduce you to the page: beautiful news daily

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Because there is the good, positive news and it is more important than ever.

Learn about exciting advances in research and technology, great stories, start-up companies with innovative solutions and much more.

In times when the world is full of bad news, the positive news creates an important balance and not only brings more positivity into everyday life, but also shows consumers solution-oriented approaches.

It has been proven that a positive emotional mood promotes the increase in joie de vivre, creativity, problem solving ability and resilience.

For this reason, we would like to encourage you to consciously consume the good news and to deal more actively with the positive effects for your positive mood.

Surprise your employees and colleagues with positive news in the near future. Set positive incentives and promote the commitment and motivation of employees and colleagues, strengthen ambition and benefit from the positive effects on your work environment, employee loyalty and company success.

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Perhaps you are asking yourself now: How do I make my customers, colleagues, suppliers or employees more positive?

Here we are happy to advise you as a source of ideas and problem solvers and develop together with you tailor-made approaches and solutions for a meaningful feel-good effect in the form of employee events, incentive trips or your next company celebration.

Be nice:-) stay nice:-)