Ein Erfahrungsbericht

Saludos from the other end of the world – an experience report.

Our Location Scout Chantal is an old hare in the business and always up top date when it comes to special destinations for incentives or events.

Hardly a place in the world that she has not seen yet .With the journey to the southern part of the American double continent she fulfilled a childhood dream.

Three weeks time – get to know three countries.








From Buenos Aires & Puerto Ushuaia in Argentina, across Santiago de Chile to Montevideo in Uruguay, with many stopovers in small towns and villages.

A region surrounded by the Atlantic on one side and the Pacific on the other. Sounds like a travel room and it was.







Snow covered andean peaks, branched waterways of the Amazon, lush rainforests, high volcanoes.Flora and fauna are presented here in a special splendor and the mixture of colorful ice blue glaciers and white dream beaches can not be offered anywhere in the world as in South America.There are also the most beautiful colonial cities with ancient, romantic churches and winding squares, which have hardly changed since the 18th century.







Markets with culinary delicacies and colorful textiles invite to stroll and shop souvenirs.

A once in a lifetime experience that you can plan as well as experience.

Because our adventure ambassadors from nice:-) have planned their first incentive trip to Argentina already in 1998 and know the insider tips for successful events even in this far distant corner of the earth!