…are so 90s, one would think.

But they are not. Because somehow everything is coming back. And we are experiencing a renaissance of the things that defined our lives 20 years ago.

What makes a roadshow so perfect for a product and brand presentation in these times?

First and foremost, that the experience takes place mainly in the fresh air, and that has been a big issue in the last 24 months. The ability to plan the event measures proved to be a particular challenge. Everything that takes place outdoors is less at risk. And then a roadshow is also extremely flexible, it is conceivable on any scale and in any location.

Let’s briefly define the term “roadshow”:

A roadshow is a “travelling event”, several stations/cities are visited. These events usually take place in large city squares, for example in a mobile event container, a so-called Tiny House. Or in an impressive show truck. Or it could just be a small, mobile exhibition stand. Everything is possible.

Changing locations and a limited duration make the whole concept special. Everything that is limited attracts special attention.
Customers have the feeling they might miss something if they don’t stop by. Another advantage of this communication concept is that you have the opportunity to immerse your target group in the brand world. Staging is everything, add a pinch of “limited edition” or special promotions at the stand and a roadshow creates an effect that helps the brand become better known in the long term.

And the first impression at the point of attraction is the key factor for success!

A bus, truck or container with an unusual design attracts the public. So come up with an innovative idea and give your “location” that special something!
For example, if an American aluminium trailer stands in the middle of the city on a large square, it will attract attention. And if the product – a spirit to mix for long drinks – is then displayed in a brand world that transports the visitor to an island by the sea, the atmosphere is created. And mood creates memory.
Creating contrasts, surprising people, taking them out of their everyday lives. That’s what makes roadshows successful.


Tips and tricks

You want to get into conversation with your customers? Of course, it’s always about food and drink! Use a food truck with an attention-grabbing look. It is easy to start a conversation around small bar tables. Guests are relaxed and happy and more open to making contact.

Or use a celebrity who is present at some of the stops of your roadshow and acts as a brand ambassador. We recommend a personality who is approachable and who makes contact with the guests at eye level. In other words, not someone who uses the celebrity bonus as a contact barrier.
For customers, it is always a special moment to possibly have spoken with their idol.

Roadshow instead of trade fair

This year, too, trade fairs will probably have to be held on a smaller scale and in a somewhat limited way. The roadshow is a great option to bring your new products and concepts closer to the target group. For wholesalers, for example, it is a special sales promotion measure in that they are present at their dealers’ premises with the roadshow as a mini trade fair. Close to the customer and as a supplier directly present when the products are presented.
This immediately shows another advantage of this type of roadshow as a mini-fair: there is no competition! There is no stand next door that can make a better offer.

You have a lot of ideas and are planning a roadshow in the coming months? And you still need the right event agency to realise the logistics?
Contact us, we will create a special concept together with you and then plan the perfect roadshow around your product!