Your start into the new business year…


At the beginning of each business year, it is immensely important to attune your employees and customers to the New Year, as well as to keep them up to date and provide them with the newest information.
Kick Off is the magic word!
What’s new? Where do you want to stand by the end of this year? And what do you actually want to accomplish?
To not hold the meeting in a bleak conference room, but to arouse emotions, nice:-) will find a suitable solution.



You could start your year, for instance, in a sporty way and be, together with your employees, engrossed in the final of the famous Four Hills Tournament! The VIP tent at the finish of the ski-jumping hill seats up to 200 persons.





Create the foundation for a successful anniversary party together with nice:-)!


Create the foundation for a successful anniversary party together with nice :-)! Your anniversary surely is a welcoming occasion to celebrate and can be a lot more than just a get together with your employees and customers.


We utilize our experience, which derives from a great variety of anniversaries, in our brainstorming. And after listening carefully to your wishes, we start to put them into operation. Thereby, we always succeed to elaborate the main aspects together.


Room planning’s, catering concepts, and schedules are developed and start to become an artistic synthesis. We create impressive image films with pictures, which display the most important milestones of your company’s history. Or we create a program that shows the company’s strengths using other possibilities. Always suitable for the company itself and your guests, we emotionalize your event.


Take the next step with an anniversary event towards growing success in your company’s future.





Organization of supplier meetings with a gala dinner for the 25-years of one of our customer.

By defining the location, booking the different meeting rooms and planning the whole technical part of the event, we successfully realized a congress for 350 participants from 35 different countries. Our focus lay on the happiness of the customer and creating a marketing concept that fits to our customer´s philosophy.





Incentives are thrilling and action-packed.


It is in 1993 that Karin Wolniczak conceptualized and organized her first incentive. About 10 years later she funded the Agency and started to plan incentives in different coutnries all over the world.
Incentives at nice:-) are driven through emotion—. Our developed programs make the participants come out of their shells and feel the team spirit, with faith in their own skills. This convinces and this binds together: building a strong community – that´s what incentives are all about!
Whatever your plans may be, where you want it – and whatever it shall cost: We’ll find the right location and the right activity for your planned incentive. All around the globe…
Our experts know the current trends and create a suitable concept, advise the choice of ideas and supervise holistically national and international on locations.



No matter if in America, Europe, Africa or Asia, nice:-) has already organized incentives in all part of the world and knows where the travel is going. With our certified local partners in the different countries and our knowledge of the different place we bring you to, nice:-) has already organized more than one successful incentive.




“Presenting: your products“


At the right time, in the right light and with everything that comes with it – this is how we turn your product into the main issue and focus of your event.


With a ‘roadshow’ as a mobile presentation you take the event to your guests. An increased number of participants can be achieved and it enables a focused and intense audience range and an exact placing of messages.


Our experts guide you to direct, audience-appealed and creative roadshow-concepts. We realize mobile product presentations coming along with creative audience range on site.
We supervise in full-service and take care of the whole planning, organization and transformation of the ‘roadshow’.


We stage your brand world on the way to your audience.



Roadshow for an office furniture producer

Together with a mode show, the different furniture were staged and presented to the guests. For this project, nice:-) decided to choose theaters and concert hall as suitable locations for the roadshow of our customer.

The well-known model and coach Bruce Darnell presented the different furniture with an expert as pieces of art. With the setting up of the road show with diferent models, light and music shows, we emotionalized the different product of our customer.



In-house exhibitions are the best platform for active marketing.


In-house exhibitions are the best platform for active marketing. There’s no comparable place to activate and make contacts as during an exhibition and therefrom resulting business talks. Our customers are aware of that and annually plan their exhibitions with professional support.


nice:-) starts with a presentation concept, the proposals for a booth, and the not less important activities at the location of the exhibition, such as the subsequent exhibition party.We offer you the whole hotel handling for original prices, as well as a attendee-management-tool for an easier and faster registration of your guests!


We know that this is all about exclusivity and authenticity.While planning exhibitions, we know it is all about exclusiveness and originality. It is also about presentation and differentiation from the competitors.



Hofmeister & Meincke trade-fair 2012, 2013 und 2014 in Bremen, 2.500 Teilnehmer. PV Automotive trade- fair 2011 und 2012 in Hannover, 6.850 Teilnehmer.

Europart industrial trade-fair 2016, 1.500 Teilnehmer.