“Presenting: your products“


At the right time, in the right light and with everything that comes with it – this is how we turn your product into the main issue and focus of your event.


With a ‘roadshow’ as a mobile presentation you take the event to your guests. An increased number of participants can be achieved and it enables a focused and intense audience range and an exact placing of messages.


Our experts guide you to direct, audience-appealed and creative roadshow-concepts. We realize mobile product presentations coming along with creative audience range on site.
We supervise in full-service and take care of the whole planning, organization and transformation of the ‘roadshow’.


We stage your brand world on the way to your audience.



Roadshow for an office furniture producer

Together with a mode show, the different furniture were staged and presented to the guests. For this project, nice:-) decided to choose theaters and concert hall as suitable locations for the roadshow of our customer.

The well-known model and coach Bruce Darnell presented the different furniture with an expert as pieces of art. With the setting up of the road show with diferent models, light and music shows, we emotionalized the different product of our customer.