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nice:-) meets Friedensdorf International in Oberhausen

On the weekend we supported Friedensdorf International in Oberhausen as part of our 25th anniversary.

Regularly in the year, the Friedensdorf flies a large number of aid trips and always looks after an average of 300 children from over 10 nations in Germany. At the same time, it helps with global projects to improve medical and humanitarian care in the home countries of the children.The medical care, food and accommodation of the children as well as the foreign projects are financed exclusively from donations and membership fees. Therefore every helping hand is necessary.

On the second July-Saturday, the Jubilee Festival took place on the 50th anniversary of the Friedensdorf in Oberhausen. Guests from countries from Angola to Japan, from Georgia to Cambodia, an talk with the mayor of Oberhausen and Dinslaken and a newly composed Friedensdorf song to say thank you for the staff were the main features of the central event.

While in the main hall guests were informed and entertained, several actions took place for the children of the village on the farm grounds in the “Kinderwelten”.Chains & bracelets, an ice bar, tinkering, painting and hair braiding, all this was just as much as the children’s make-up through nice:-) Little dragons, butterflies, princesses or lions were conjured into the children’s faces. A wide grin or a smiling smile as a thank you – invaluable! This makes many a heart beat faster. For what is more beautiful than to look into bright children’s eyes? So could nice:-) for a moment to ensure that the children push their worries and grief aside.

Our conclusion: It feels good to do something good! Especially for people who are not doing so well. All those who participated in this beautiful event went home with a happy feeling and quite earthed in the evening.

Friedensdorf International – a supportive institution for which we will be glad to do something even more often.

We are looking forward to help again and say “Keep it up Friedensdorf” !

Friedensdorf International

Friedensdorf InternationalFriedensdorf InternationalFriedensdorf International