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Ibiza – La isla bonita…

Over the last few years Ibiza has grown in popularity and we will tell you why.

The former hippie island, known for bright colors and the free spirit, is the contact point for everyone who longs for high-quality hotels and unusual locations. A new Six Sense Hotel in the north of the island has just opened its gates, which specializes exclusively in high-end customers.

The fact that you understand what luxury and 5 * plus means on Ibiza was not always the case. We followed the development from the beginning, not least because the island has become a kind of “second home” for our owner. And that’s why we would like to take you on a little discovery tour of the very special island of Ibiza today.


With its 571.6 km² it is significantly smaller than Mallorca, which does not mean that it has less to offer.

On the contrary: the white sandy beaches in the countless bays and the crystal clear water create a Caribbean-like feeling. In total, you can relax and unwind on 60 beaches and enjoy the sun, which shines a full eleven hours a day in high season! The legendary parties with international DJs mainly take place at Playa d’en Bossa. This is a long sandy beach, on which several 5 * hotels have now established themselves. Most of the beach clubs and bars can also be found there. USHUAÏA, HÏ, Tanit Beach Club,… the list is long.

Those who prefer it a little more quiet can relax at the Cala d’Hort. This beach scores above all with its unique view of the magical rock of Es Vedra. The uninhabited rocky island protrudes 400 kilometers out of the water and carries some mystical stories with it. Probably the best known is that Es Vedra was once the home of sirens and lake yhmphs, who lured sailors to them with their chants. Allegedly the goddess Tanit was born there, whose symbol comes across all over the island.

Rock of Es Vedra

Stories, rituals, traditions.

Hardly any other island has mastered story telling like Ibiza. Maybe that’s why it’s the place where we always come up with new ideas …? Many things have been preserved from the 1970s until today. Such as the drumming of the hippies on Benirrás beach when the sun dips into the sea on Sunday evenings. The age of hippy history is closely linked to Ibiza. It has spread all over the island – and so there are still the various hippy markets today. One of the largest is Las Dalias in San Carlos. Here you can find everything that stands for Love, Peace and Happiness. Many businessman already stocked up on the typical linen shirts here.

Ibiza Old Town

Away from the funky, towards ‘everday life’:

Life pulsates in the capital Eivissa. The old town in particular, with its infinite number of alleys, is a magnet for shopping queens and restaurant lovers. In the high season it is not uncommon to stumble across the 110m yacht “Radiant” owned by Emirati billionaire Abdulla Al Futtaim. In our opinion, the real highlight is the walk towards the fortress, the Dalt Vila. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. For the construction, among other things, stones from Atlantis (to be found in a bay southeast of Eivissa) were used. The impressive Portal de ses Taules is the most monumental entrance gate to the castle and a popular photo spot. It also leads to the lively Plaça de Vila, where the stilt artists dance between small shops and restaurants in the evenings.

Dalt Vila

If you turn to the opposite side of the city, you will find luxury and high-end offers again.

The show restaurant Lío has set up in the Marina Botafoc and delights its guests with a gourmet dinner and cabaret entertainment every evening during the season. Our personal favorite, however, is the cappuccino right next to it, which offers exactly the same, wonderful view of the illuminated old town of Ibiza and where you can get the drink at a “normal” price. The old town backdrop is a show anyway …

Conclusion: Ibiza has become an indispensable part of our list of the most beautiful locations. About past events of the last few years and personal explorations on site, “la magia de Ibiza” has always enchanted and excited us!

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Ibiza city