Healthy start to the new year – deluxe kitchen party!

The best place for any party is known to be the kitchen. Following this topic you can schedule here a kitchen party by shopping with your clients or employees up to washing dishes.
Early in the morning, stroll through the wholesale market and buy the ingredients for your kitchen party. Here a Cook will advice to the page. Because a large part of the good cuisine consists of the good and fresh ingredients. Smell, taste and taste you! The wholesale market offers almost all culinary possibilities and promises so that your menu is a success.

Then it goes on the stove. The recipes are easy and understandable, but still sophisticated.
There is a clear division of responsibilities of the different cooking stations, so that also a team competition can arise.
Finally, the menu at a festive table is consumed together. To do this, a sommelier explains some background knowledge of the wines proposed by him.

Have we aroused your taste buds? Then sign up and we organize a delicious culinary feast!
it tastes nice:-)