Flight safety

Flight safety: how safe is it to travel?

The incidences keep falling and the summer vacation is getting closer and closer. So it stands to reason that the planned vacation can take place as planned. And because we are already dealing with incentive trips and congresses that are to take place abroad, we ask ourselves question today: what about flight safety and the special security precautions at airports?

What are the rules to be observed and what requirements do you have to meet in order to be able to board an aircraft at all?

We got to the bottom of these questions in order to be able to give you an overview and a guideline in our new blog post. And as always in these times: please ask for the latest news from governments and airports. Everything is constantly changing due to the number of infections …

And the fact is that planning a flight today is considerably more complex than it was 15 months ago. Every airline and every country has its own rules and you should inform yourself in detail about flight safety measures before departure. Quarantine regulations in particular can vary.

Our blog post therefore serves as a guideline to give a rough look at the regulations on flight safety.

Airport Main Hall

  1. Of course, a mask is required at the entire airport

For travelers aged six and over. Cloth masks have not been allowed for a long time. You can only use medical masks. For this purpose, there are mouth and nose protection masks machines at the airport, where you can buy a mask if you have forgotten your own. At this point can be said that this type of mask sorting out certainly has its politically wanted reasons ūüėČ Our tip: Take several masks with you on long-haul flights ?

  1. Since June 1, 2021 for air travel, you can only travel if you

a) can show a negative corona test that is not older than 72 or 48 hours (you have to pay attention to the entry time at the destination!)

b) have received both vaccinations, which can be proven with a vaccination card, and the second vaccination must have been more than 14 days ago

c) can prove with a positive PCR test that one has already recovered. This test must not be older than 6 months

Here you can find different country-specific rules, too. Some countries only accept vaccinated persons with a digital vaccination card, which does not yet exist in the EU. So please read what applies to the country into which you are traveling. At D√ľsseldorf Airport, for example, there are two different options for being tested for Covid 19. In the arrival area and on the departure level. Here you can even get the test result within a few hours. Before you return to Germany you have to do a new test at the place of departure so that you can show a negative result before your return flight.


  1. Stricter hygiene standards also apply in the aircraft

The machines are cleaned and disinfected more often. It is nice that some airlines use particulate filters that also filter aerosols. Filters like these reduce the risk of infection. The catering on the plane has also changed with regard to the special hygiene regulations that must be observed when serving food and drinks. For example, Lufthansa no longer offers a beverage service in Economy Class on short flights. That will probably not change even after the Corona period….

  1. Plexiglass

As in every supermarket or other business, all counters at the airport are equipped with Plexiglass. You can therefore assume that you will check in more or less contactlessly and safely.

Flight Safety

  1. Further restrictions to guarantee flight safety

Despite the fact that there are still fewer planes in transit at the moment, be sure to allow more time than usual. Due to a reduced number of maximum persons allowed at the terminal, you can sometimes wait longer than usual at the check-in counter or at the security.

In addition, hand luggage is currently more restricted. The reason for this is that the security check should be accelerated if not so much hand luggage has to be checked. You know it when the airlines have sold cheap tickets where you couldn’t check in luggage … ?

You should therefore find out from your airline in advance which regulations are currently applicable.

Flight Safety

Basically, our conclusion is:

If you have planned a vacation by plane soon, you can start the journey without hesitation. Due to many measures that impose greater care on the airlines when cleaning the aircraft, flight safety is currently more guaranteed than it was before 2020.

And that is why we believe: group trips and incentives should soon be possible again without any problems! After a long period of renouncing any contact or traveling, everyone is sure to feel like a change of scenery. And above all, the employees who sit in the home offices want more teamwork and integration into the daily life of the company.


Our advice:

Take your employees on a journey and give them motivation and spirit again by refueling their engine for a day or two. In a different environment you can feel the cohesion of colleagues differently than usual in a video meeting.

Regions like the Balearic Islands, Malta and Cyprus are currently at the top of the list of possibilities due to their very low infection rates. We will soon get on the plane again and travel the world!

We will take you with us on our social media channels and give you first-hand experience reports. So follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn oder Xing so you don’t miss out.


With all the anticipation, we definitely don’t want to forget what we have learned from the pandemic. Traveling responsibly is definitely the keyword under which traveling should take place in the future. In any form of travel, whether by plane, cruise ship or car.

We look forward to your inquiry and to being able to support you on your next incentive trip ?