Events in winter? How does that work?

When the temperatures drop, do events hibernate ?

Nope! Not at all! Especially in winter, when the days get shorter and the temperatures go down to zero, the inner inspiration needs some change to recharge the batteries!

And we wouldn’t be nice:-) if we didn’t have a list of ideas up our sleeves on how to make winter time more colorful and creative.
Because winter is a perfect time for events with emotions!

Winter Wonderland

The classic – the Christmas party

Let’s start with the classic. Although… Maybe you shouldn’t tackle the topic so classically after all. Quite apart from the fact that this year’s celebrations have once again been shifted into the digital world.
So our advice: just go on a pre-Christmas short trip with your team! And head for the German coast, where you can let the North Sea breeze blow around your nose for a day. Experience has shown that the risk of viruses is much lower outdoors, so the idea of meeting in the fresh air is simply a good one!

And where can you find Christmas spirit in the north of Germany? Our tip: Helgoland! The only island with a high seas climate is far enough away from the mainland and thus offers absolute “switching off” from the issues that have been haunting us for months now due to the ongoing work in the home office. It takes 150 minutes by ferry from Cuxhaven to the island and 24 hours on the red rock bring more team spirit and emotions than a weekend workshop in the digital world.

Our partner Frank Hellingrath has just been on Helgoland to film impressions of the high sea island with his 3D images. This makes you want to see the North Sea in winter! Especially when you can discover the cute grey seals that now populate the island’s beaches by the hundreds.


Picture by Frank Hellingrath

Celebrate Action – With momentum into the New Year

For companies looking to develop a motivational boost from a kick off meeting, there’s always the popular incentive trip. No other tool turns a meeting into a connection. Creates more emotion. Achieves more company commitment. The list of possible destinations is long this winter as well. Northern Europe in particular comes to mind, as a photo with the famous Aurora Borealis is an irretrievable experience.

We think that an incentive trip still reflects THE absolute appreciation of the company towards the performance of its employees or customers.


Kick it like Kick-Off

Some call it a year kick-off event. Others call it New Year’s meeting. We call it Kick-Off, because that best reflects what this event is for. Namely, to give the company and its employees a maximum energy boost.
That’s what the textbook says – what does it end up being?
Often there are long meetings with lots of numbers, endless Power Point slides and lectures.

This is different! A kick-off should do one thing above all: promote motivation! After all, this is the cornerstone of any success story.
So how about attacking motivation where it originates? With the fun. Because if you have fun at work, you work more efficiently and diligently. So have courage and let the fun in for once, in your team and the work with each other. In any case, we believe that the word “fun” has been unjustly banned from many corporate floors in Germany.

Kick Off

From experience we know how sustainable professionally planned events are and especially NOW and even more so in the darker season with its wintry temperatures you should not disregard their effect!
After all, before going full throttle in the new year, it would make sense to provide your employees with the necessary fuel reserves for the long race – wouldn’t it?

Feel free to contact us and we will advise you on how to make the most of the winter season for you and your company!