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Decoration, by no means underestimated “nice to have”.

Decoration at events is just as diverse as the occasion itself and should not be underestimated for its power and effect. With the right ambience, the desired mood can be created with pinpoint accuracy.

A sparse conference room, of course, requires much more effort than, for example, an urban factory hall, which is already special by its facade alone.
How often does the sentence “Whatever is left over at the end may be invested in the decoration” come up when planning an event? In fact, it should take a much higher priority and be planned with as much attention to detail as the content of a key note or the menu.
In addition to the occasion, the CI of the organizer provides the second major component. If the biggest competitor has, for example, red as a corporate color, then this color should of course be avoided or used extremely restrained in the decoration and room design. Therefore, you should not only know your customer well, but also your competitors.

How to make your event shine

Probably the most effective tool is light. With the right illumination and staging, different moods can be created quite simply. The good old floorspots are a matter of course, but it can also lead to color games in this segment up to light projections and laser shows, both indoors and outdoors.

Gala Dinner

Unbeaten favorite are still – or still – plants.

Of course, when arranging them, you should make sure that the durability is given and to the big show the flowers do not hang their heads. Then, urgent care should be taken to ensure that they do not unnecessarily attract insects at an outdoor event or are not too fragrant in small enclosed spaces. And above all, it is not about the “flower arrangement for 20 euros per table” but it is about creative arrangements that professional florists design to match the theme of the event.

Get Together
In the end, the location, furniture, table linen and decoration must form an inviting symbiosis. This overall concept can create the desired drama and tell a story.
Sustainability and decoration are by no means mutually exclusive. There are companies that rent out event furniture and give the location the right look. In the same way, vases, lanterns, decorative objects, table linens, etc. can be rented and used again and again after cleaning.

So our tip is that you give the staging of your next event that certain something with the right decoration and along with it, also dedicate a portion of the budget. We are happy to support you in your planning with our experience and our network.