Concept, implementation & all-round support for the AOK Niedersachsen

Also this year we were allowed to design & maintain the booth of the AOK Niedersachsen at the IdeenExpo in Hannover.

In numbers this meant: 9 days, 395,000 visitors, 13,500 portions of popcorn!

Under the motto “Just do it”, the fair took place in Hanover for the seventh time in June. The goal of the IdeenExpo is to get students interested in scientific and technical professions.

This year, the focus was on digitization and this should also be clearly presented at the AOK booth in Niedersachsen.

The task was to top the attractiveness of the 2017 stand!

In cooperation with the Schallmeister agency, our trade fair team designed a 360 ° booth that aimed to bring the topic closer to the target group. And in addition, the AOK Niedersachsen with their varied training occupations to present the young and adolescent children as an interesting employer.

AOK Bild1 AOK Bild2


The big question was therefore: how should a booth, which has to assert itself in a steadily growing digital world, transport such a non-emotional yet important topic? And at the same time inspire the digital natives and lure them to the exhibition stand?

Our idea: The 120 square meter stand was made using innovative digitalization tools such as an oversized headphones as a chill out zone, an energy dance floor that was brought to light by the movement of the guests, as well as various screens in the form of smartphones, experienced with innovative software. Very different tools could be tried out at the different stations, which brought the trade fair stand a very high traffic. At the same time, the booth was also online on Instagram – and thus could not only offline, but also be visited online!

AOK Bild3 AOK Bild4


The “digital world” of the stations was experienced in many ways. With the help of influencers like Jilou (3rd place at the World Championships in Breakdance), who danced with her crew JIMALENKO regular shows on the Energy Dance Floor, it is nice:-) succeeded, at the fair appearance of the AOK Niedersachsen at the IdeenExpo a familiar face to present the social media world at the exhibition stand.

In alternation with the breakdance shows our Energy Floor, the game A, O or K could be played. In line with the rules of the well-known TV game “1, 2 or 3”, which was already popular in the German children’s program in the 80s, the trade fair visitors had the opportunity to get to know the AOK in a playful way.

AOK Bild5 AOK Bild6


Or it was fought with viruses with a virtual reality game in which the AOK superheroes had a major role. Pretty AOKlever right?   After a week, it was clear that this time around, too, the trade fair appearance was successful, because the inflow was even bigger than last time! In a word: an all-round successful trade fair & we look forward to the next time!