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Challenges in the MICE industry

Digitization, security, sustainability, cost pressure, recruiting … all this and much more is currently in the MICE industry.

When it comes to recruiting, dating has already begun with the classic consulting professions for the best employees.

The demands placed on MICE employees as digitization and globalization continue to grow, are becoming ever more complex. In addition to technical competence, high digital consulting skills, good general education, multilingualism and stylish appearance is an absolute must. Flexibility, willingness to travel, and weekend work is usually added. Qualities that apply to traditional consulting professions, with which the MICE industry today vies for the best employees. However, remuneration and career opportunities are usually more attractive on average. And aggravating this comes the shrinking of the budget and the increasing cost pressure. Nevertheless, the claim to the qualification of the staff in the agencies is very high. Only one thing is clear: top quality simply has its price, which results in a fundamental rethinking of the client.

Awareness of data protection needs to be sharpened and implemented.

Another major challenge is currently the awareness of privacy. The topic of data protection is quite time consuming and often underestimated. As an agency you have to provide the customer with a suitable infrastructure in which the data is secure. But if you look at it with confidence, the new DSGVO will ultimately mean more legal certainty for all parties.

Sustainability is the alpha and omega of global warming.

The topic of sustainability is not just on the agenda since today. The industry should now face this positive challenge with full commitment! With just a few simple adjustments to event planning, you can make big changes that benefit the environment. A paper waiver can be achieved through online invitations or electronically created agendas. The use of sustainable name tags made of bamboo or corn starch drastically reduce waste. In addition, the choice of venue and arrival can be a sign of sustainability, because in the wake of global warming, everyone must pay attention to sustainability in all areas!

For many years, our agency has been facing the challenge of always finding new ways to go. So we invest intensively in the Continuing education of our team and support the employees in getting to know the added value of new technologies in the event business, to analyze them exactly and to take a close look at them. Clearly belongs to an agency of the future also the constant questioning and qualitative yardsticks to set. In this respect, the event manager of tomorrow must not only be an all-rounder, but should at least combine four talents. Dynamics, integrity, multiculturalism, eloquence.

One thing is certain: the human being makes the difference, and so an agency is obliged to advise its customers so that the target group is taken seriously and taken into account when planning an event.

Meaningfulness is not created by the juxtaposition of first-class program points but by emotion transfer.

And emotions should not be neglected in spite of all technical and social requirements, because only an event that is really peppered with emotions leaves memories and thus traces in the minds of end consumers.