Culinary delight meets catering concept

Every event depends on the right catering concept

Do you have the sentence: “… and the food was great” ever heard or even said yourself? If it does not taste the customer, her belly will remember.
The well-being of the guests, as well as the positive event experience are directly connected with the catering – everything depends on the catering concept. In the meantime, culinary art is the center of some event forms and the staging plays a decisive role in this.
nice:-) knows that the question of catering is one of the most important and at the same time one of the most difficult questions in planning an event.
When planning the perfect event catering, there are some things to keep in mind: “Sustainability”, “regionality”, “health” and “extraordinary” are terms that should not be ignored!
The degree migration between exceptional, sustainable, regional and not too expensive should be kept in mind.
We are always looking for special delicacies, the latest trends and the perfect blend of variety and quality!

Here are the nice:-) tips about catering concepts:
– Make EACH of the guests happy, offer a selection that has something for everyone!
– Stay experimental, especially in terms of vegan food, there are many novelties that serve the trend towards sustainability and earn more confidence in terms of enjoyment and quality.
– Be different – ESP. There is nothing worse than having the same snacks every day at a fair or getting the same typical buffet at every event.
– Stand out from other catering concepts and not only create a great concept, but make the catering an experience.

Finally, we would like to share some ideas with you, which you may be able to contribute to the next concept in order to put the finishing touches to the whole thing.

Red thread
Every event concept has a common thread. This should also draw through the catering concept. Integrate customers, partners and content into your catering concept!
The creative story accompanies the guest outside the box.

Live cooking
Live cooking is actually an “old hat”. But again, pay attention to sustainability, health, and exceptionality. Molecular cooking uses e.g. very often regional and healthy products.
And when blueberries mystically change their texture in front of the guests and something very exciting new emerges, this is an unforgettable experience of which your customers will speak for a long time!

Back to basics
Back to the origin. That too is a good approach to your concept. The trend of pursuit of sustainability and regionalism is often associated in the minds with traditional manufacturing and passion.
Let the guests lend a hand or present the catering according to the motto of regional, traditional production.

Street food market
The authentic street food cuisine with local ingredients and producers tastes the spirit of the time and meets almost every taste bud.

And now to the implementation of your exceptional, sustainable, healthy and traditionally modern catering concept!

nice:-) it tastes good!