Best Practice

Best Practice – Top examples from past events and how we did it

For our best practice examples, we have selected three different industries with three different event formats in order to show how we make our events a real highlight.

Event organization and planning are very extensive processes that on the one hand can be a lot of fun. On the other hand, the wrong approach can quickly become challenging and chaotic. In our blog post we give a glimpse behind the scenes and show how professional event organization runs with us. But what does the end product look like?

The preparation of an event logically takes a lot of time. Especially if you want to achieve a high quality result. And that is our aim at every event! This is not lip service, but our credo and our approach to how we see our work with our projects. That is why we always start the planning phase early so that we do not have to allow a bottleneck towards the end. And that is of course what our three best practice examples, we are presenting today, are all about. Every event has its own characteristics, every customer has their own ideas. And that’s why individuality is the top priority in our work! No “copy / paste”. It’s different every time. And we can say that with certainty from an experience of over 30 years!

Best practice

Health industry – example trade fair

Customers in the healthcare industry have come to us more and more in recent years. And since people’s health is a very important topic, we particularly enjoy working with this industry. Here we can also contribute our values ​​in terms of content. These events become all the more authentic in the course of the project work.

For one of these customers we were able to design and look after the booth several times at the IdeenExpo in Hanover. In numbers that meant: 9 days, 395,000 visitors, 13,500 servings of popcorn!

In June 2019, the fair in Hanover took place for the seventh time under the motto “Just do it”.

The aim of the IdeenExpo is to get students excited about scientific and technical professions. In 2019, the focus was on digitalisation and this should also be clearly presented at the booth. In this respect, we as an agency were already active in this topic before a pandemic that forces us all to digitize. And the big challenge was to top the attractiveness of the stand from 2017!

In cooperation with the event technology from Schallmeister, our exhibition team designed a 360 ° exhibition stand with the aim of bringing the topic closer to the target group through interaction.

So the big question was: what should a trade fair stand that wants to assert itself in a constantly growing digital world look like? How does the emotional transfer take place? How do you attract digital natives as well as younger people to the exhibition stand at the same time?

Best Practice

Our idea:

The 120 square meter booth was transformed into a chill out zone using well-known tools such as oversized headphones. With the energy dance floor, which was made to glow through the movement of the guests, the lively young people could be kept busy and integrated. In alternation with breakdance shows by the well-known influencer Jilou, who danced regular shows with her crew JIMALENKO on the Energy Dance Floor, a game according to the rules of the well-known TV game “1, 2 or 3” could be played on our Energy Floor.

Other games on the stand were virtual reality games in which specially programmed superheroes played the leading role. The digital world was made tangible on various screens in the form of smartphones using innovative softwares. So very different tools could be tried out at the individual stations, which brought a lot of traffic to the booth. At the same time, the booth could also be seen online on Instagram – and could therefore not only be experienced on site, but also online.

Like this we made it possible to bring the social media world to the booth at this trade fair appearance at the IdeenExpo. Which of course all young people really liked, because selfies were very popular. After a week it was clear that the trade fair appearance was a success this time too, because the number of visitors was even greater than at the previous time! In a word: an all-round successful trade fair!


Best Practice

Automotive aftermarket – example congress and meetings

From the long history of the agency, we look after a number of customers from the automotive aftermarket. Here we have more than a dozen best practice examples! The choice was difficult, so we finally picked out an event that we all remembered for a long time and whose format is representative of this industry.

It is a congress of an international customer who is planning a sales meeting with all shareholders from 35 countries once a year. Attached to these meetings are two days of the congress, during which the industry exchanges information on innovations and changes. Special key notes and talk sessions included. The congress can take place anywhere in the world, there just has to be good flight connections. In October 2017, for example, we had the pleasure of holding the congress in Malta.

The island of Malta is known for its excellent infrastructure when it comes to congresses. Sufficiently large hotel capacities, many different locations and short distances.

While the Hotel Intercontinental Malta offered the necessary capacities for the group, nice 🙂 found the best options for over 1,000 meetings in 3 days and an exceptional location for an external evening reception. As always, the aim was to enable all guests to have an unforgettable stay in addition to successful business discussions.

Best Practice

For the implementation of the gala dinner in a former fort, nice 🙂 worked together with AGL – a technical partner on site. This cooperation is always particularly important because this is where two interfaces meet. The expectation of our project team to optimally implement the developed concept and the external service providers who may want to implement other plans.

A direct and at the same time appreciative communication is the most important tool in order to reach a common consensus and thus a success for the customer.

Because, as with all moments in life, the same applies here: many cooks spoil the broth. And that is why a person is needed on both sides who “puts on their hat” and thereby sets the goal and does not lose sight of it during the entire project phase.

We have a particularly large network of partners on our side thanks to years of experience. And size doesn’t mean “quantity” here. It’s also about how valuable a partner is. Whether small or large service providers, it always depends on the basis. If the foundation is right, you will find very good support and this also pays off in terms of purchasing benefits for the customer.



Education Industry – Festival / Open House

Anniversaries are also part of our work. We are particularly happy to be included in the design of the event, but to accompany the customer throughout the anniversary year. Then one marketing instrument intervenes in the next and everything is coordinated. This inevitably results in a more sustainable result.

In our best practice, we present an event that shows one of our rather rare public events. The focus at nice 🙂 is on corporate events due to the fact that we see ourselves as a communication agency for companies. The form of communication can therefore be in different event formats, but also in trainings and team buildings. Nevertheless, we selectively participate in public tenders because sometimes exciting projects are hidden here. When we took part in a public tender, we were able to convince with our coherent concept for an anniversary celebration at a German university and were awarded the contract for two different campus celebrations!

The facts:

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of a technical university, planning began in a rather extensive organization a year before the event. The celebrations were spread over two campuses, both 10 km away from each other. One year of preparation for the individual presentations by the student councils, the programming of a very special light installation and the show acts on the stage. We expected a number of participants of up to 7,000 people – depending of course on the weather. Because the events were planned to be open air.


On Campus 1, the customer chose the motto “Science Night”.

The various departments presented their latest topics and developments in futuristic tents. A band contest in casting mode provided musical entertainment.

Eating and drinking are always a very important aspect at these events. The customer opted for trendy food trucks with classic dishes, vegan burgers, creative salads and colorful donuts. In addition to the matching to-go dishes, we had beautiful decorative details as a backdrop with the silver Airstreams.

When it got dark, the highlight of the day shone. With our partner TNL Design we developed a facade illumination specially designed for the university. By means of video mapping the 10-year history of the university could be impressively visualized. The colors of the glowing bangles that were distributed among the audience mixed with the colors and shapes of the illustration. A harmonious end to a successful day.

Act 2 – the “science picnic” on the second campus was in the starting blocks a week later.

Here we have pursued completely different approaches to stage the campus. A festival character was predominant and should be recognized as such with a particularly large stage. Another part of the day’s program were the department presentations, which included chemical shows à la “Knoff-Hoff Show”. Furthermore, play stations like a human kicker field were set up in the outdoor area. And at this location, too, food trucks catered for the physical well-being of the large crowd of guests, which consisted of students, relatives, lecturers and local politics.

The live concert by the famous band Culcha Candela in the evening was a particular focus of the festival event. The well-known band carried away the crowd with a spirited performance and everyone in the audience was full of emotion for the well-known song “Du bist Hamma”.

Best Practice

Part of our work on this project was also a comprehensive security concept. For this it was very good that the technical service provider already knew the location from previous events. Like that we were able to overcome many communal hurdles. Due to the many interfaces, the events were supervised by a very large team. We were there with 8 people. Everyone is responsible for a specific subject area and on site from the time of construction. Working hand in hand is an essential part of the concept implementation, especially for mammoth projects. Mutual trust and at the same time mutual control over the shoulder. This results in mutual success.

In the end, we look back on two successfully completed campus parties with a mega party atmosphere that all participants will surely remember for a long time to come.


Three tasks, three different approaches.

They show you how we do our work and how we understand the customer-oriented implementation of projects.

We at nice 🙂 feel like ambassadors for experiences and the word says it all. We want to transform the customer’s message into a special event and thus evoke a memorable experience for all participants. Regardless of whether it is a congress, sales meeting, anniversary or trade fair.

As an experienced event agency with the necessary know-how, we are happy to accompany you with a personal event organization.

Contact us for an optimal implementation and a stress-free organization with 100% potential for success! Or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing  to get even more insights into our work.