BEST OF EVENTS 2019 in Dortmund!

Never before was the offer for the event industry in Dortmund bigger than at the BOE 2019. Six exhibition halls were occupied and presented more than 550 exhibitors from over a dozen countries.

What did we notice? Here is an overview.

* A complete hall with food trucks, ranging from silver-colored Airstreams over barbecues “steam cars” up to cult, converted “Tricycles”.

What does that tell us?

The fast food – while standing and straight from the pan – replaces the “appetizer economy”. Fork bites were yesterday, today you want to be – vegetarian or not – authentically served and cooked. And see how the food is made. The big revival of the french fries-shop from the past. Today, of course, accordingly aufgemotzt and trendy. Not only because of “pulled burgers” but also because the cooks try out new things behind the mobile food stands and surprise them with delicious alternatives. And it does not just have to be rustic. For those who need it chic, there are food trucks with Robbe & Berking cutlery and quite a few others Luxury elements more.

* The usual cabaret ideas and walking acts unfortunately did not show much new, the age-related seems to be still in demand. However, the visitors were able to enjoy the entertaining shows and listened to the artists from the hustle and bustle undisturbed over headphones.

* Many interesting workshops, which not only offered contemporary topics but changed perspectives, were directed to agencies on the first day and to artists on the second day.

* Reliable security planning at events is not a “can” element but has found its compelling raison d’être in the industryand is represented at the fair with a correspondingly large and well-equipped exhibition stand.

* Rental furniture is becoming more and more design – although bridge tables are still not gone, completely different concepts of table-chair ensembles are already there. The customer just has to have the courage (and sometimes the budget) to say goodbye to the tried and tested

* Who presented “only” and not “like”, stood out and could look forward to receiving ready contacts at the exhibition stand.

Too bad that the fair still has a construction site situation. This is not really conducive to a positive first impression of an industry that would like to sell “experiences”. Nevertheless, it was fun, as every year, to get new inspiration and input, meet one or the other colleagues in the industry, well-known service providers or old acquaintances again.

BOE see you next year!